At CarbonPool, we help society reach NetZero by providing in-kind insurance for failure to achieve net zero commitments due to shortfalls, reversals, business interruptions and natural catastrophes that either reduce carbon dioxide removals or unintentionally add carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. 

By holding a balance sheet denominated in high quality carbon removals, CarbonPool can cover risks for project developers, removal buyers, or industrial businesses that have exposure to carbon removals risks. CarbonPool is able to take on multi-year risks, up to 5 years, with single premiums paid upfront.

CarbonPool's team of insurance leaders, climate scientists, weather modellers, geographers, and engineers assess each risk to build bespoke risk models. The premiums collected from each client are invested, alongside CarbonPool's own capital, into high quality carbon removal afforestation projects, with the resulting removals actively traded in order to be able to pay out as close to like-for-like. 

Currently in the process of applying for a Swiss regulated (re)insurance license, CarbonPool can already pre-underwrite your exposures - just reach out to ask for a quote.

Market gap

Currently there is no provider who insures carbon dioxide removals, neither in the long term let alone on an annual basis. This lack of insurance is one of the most frequently cited concerns for stakeholders in the carbon removal space, be they buyers or developers.

Price volatility and scarcity

Carbon removal markets are not yet stable, making it nearly impossible to anticipate the future price of carbon removals in the event of a claim. This makes a cash payout an incomplete solution, especially when coupled to the illiquidity in carbon removal markets.

In-kind payout

By paying out in high quality carbon removals, the insured is immediately made good on their carbon removal promise. In addition, in-kind payouts eliminates the risk to finding scarce negative carbon removals.

Forestry partnerships

Deep partnerships with leading global forestry companies allow continued growth of CarbonPool's removal assets, which require specialized skillsets to acquire and operate across the globe.

The CarbonPool Team

Nandini Wilcke

Founder and COO


Coenraad Vrolijk

Founder and CEO


Frederic Olbert

Founder and CFO


Emmanuel Sanchez

Principal Weather Modeller


David Walker

Advisor and Board member


Kasia Tokarska de los Santos

Principal Climate Modeller



Shortfalls are an issue: The FT reported on 26/12/2022 that 20% of carbon credit projects delivered less than 50% of the projected credits; and that the median payout was at 80%


On April 27th 2023 at the Energy Tech Summit, CarbonPool's CEO Coenraad Vrolijk spoke about the role of insurance to accelerate the growth of carbon markets, in a panel together with Ted Christie-Miller from BeZero, Natalia Dorfman from Kita, and Laura Fritsch from OKA.


CarbonPool submitted a response to the call for input from the UN on dealing with reversals of carbon removals (i.e. after a company uses a carbon removal to offset their emissions to achieve net zero in particular year, that carbon removal subsequently reverses and for example burns up or leaks out to be CO2 back again in the atmosphere). 

We made the case that mandatory in-kind reversal insurance is the best route to managing reversals of carbon removals, similar to any other risk that has societal and 3rd party externalities.