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What do we insure against?

Our insurance compensates our clients with high-quality carbon credits for unexpected carbon credit shortfalls and reversal events caused by natural catastrophes, weather effects and machine breakdown

Customized risk assessment

CarbonPool's risk-first expert team uses advanced environmental and weather modelling and actuarial methods to create tailor-made risk models that allow us to back each and every project with sufficient risk capital to cover unforeseen losses or accidental emissions. Whether you are a buyer, developer or aggregator of carbon credits, get in touch with our team to start an evaluation of your projects and investments.

Claims paid in carbon credits

CarbonPool has a portfolio of high-quality credits on its balance sheet. This gives you comfort that any shortfall can be rectified with the same or similar quality credit. It also means that we are investing our own capital in a diversified range of high-quality projects and have the in-house expertise to understand what good quality looks like.

Types of cover


Carbon Shortfall Insurance

Compensate for unexpected carbon credit shortfalls caused by lower-than-expected yields over time, natural disasters, fires, disease, windstorms or other accidents

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Carbon Reversal Insurance

Ensure the long-term integrity of your emissions reduction efforts by replacing sequestered carbon lost due to reversal events that allow sequestered carbon to leak back into the atmosphere

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Unintended Emissions Insurance

Protect against unintended emissions caused by temporary disruptions in carbon capture technologies, breakdowns in machinery or accidental surplus emissions

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